Step 1:          Proceed to the Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Section of the Embassy.  The ATN Section will assess if there is a real need for a Travel Document. 

Step 2:          Should a Travel Document need to be issued, please prepare the following requirements:


Ø     Duly accomplished passport application form. Please click this link:
or from our Information Counter before entering the Consular Section;

Ø      Duly accomplished Request for Assistance or ATN Form No. 1;

Ø      Relevant documents (ex. Plane ticket, passport copy, cancellation paper, lost passport report);

Ø      Four (4) recent passport-sized pictures; and

Ø      Travel document fee of 120 AED.


Ø      Same as above;

Ø      Copy of the Report of Birth;

Ø      Copy of the Birth Certificate (authenticated);

Ø      Copy of the passports of both parents; 

Ø      Authenticated Marriage Certificate of the parents; and
Ø   Four (4) recent passport-sized pictures.

Wards/Prison Inmates

Ø      Endorsement letter;

Ø      Duly accomplished passport application form;

Ø      Four (4) recent passport-sized pictures.

Step 3:             Proceed to the cashier inside the Consular Section to pay the Travel Document fee.

Step 4:             Return the application form with the attachments to the ATN Section for processing.

Step 5:            Travel documents can be claimed within the day.  Should there be a large volume of applicants, the applicant can claim it the following day.